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Welcome to Southport General Store!

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SOUTHPORT is an idyllic island on the coast of Maine - easy to get to but separated from the world of stress.  The Southport Store reflects the best of the island with old-fashioned values and old-fashioned value.  Our provisions are designed to save you time collecting special treats off  the island - so you can have more time on the island.  We offer practical items and specialty items from home quality baked goods in our bakery and hand-selected wines stored in our temperature controlled wine shop. 

Come and spend time with us and sit in our dining room for coffee, paper and conversation in the morning.    Our breakfast pizza is a guilty pleasure you'll surely not want to miss.

Order cakes or baked goods from our bakery where local bakers can replicate the foods of your choice or share generations of recipes their own families have been cooking.  Browse our wine selection and shop value with carefully chosen, new, undiscovered, and hard to find wines that are brought in regularly by Oliver - co-owner and wine lover. 

In short, save the shopping for when you arrive, make provisioning a part of your vacation - and avoid the stress back home.  Just like it should be. 


Store Hours:

Monday: 7am to 6pm
Tuesday: 7am to 6pm
Wednesday: 7am to 6pm
Thursday: 7am to 6pm
Friday: 7am to 6pm
Saturday: 8am to 4pm
Sunday: 8am to 11am

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