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The Wine Cellar

Enjoying fine wine shouldn't take a lot of money.  Finding good wines takes time and effort.  We've built a collection of wine for every palate and every budget with one thing in common: uncommon value.  Our wide selections of wines and temperature-controlled inventory is packed with carefully selected bottles with value in mind: most are tasted before they're stocked on our shelves.  While the big brand and hard to find labels are all here, we pride ourselves on finding wines you may not know about - but that you should know about.
We can find you a perfect white for a hot night on the porch watching the shooting stars and fireflies or a red that will do justice to your grilled steak, grilled local mushrooms and fireworks

We know how to pair wines so you don't have to - don't be afraid to ask what goes with lobster - everyone does and the choices will surprise you.  We compete by finding value in small production wineries the big guys ignore.  And we do it before the other guy does - and that means more wine value for you.  Come in and talk with us.
And not to be forgotten, we provide the same careful selection and practical value on beer and mixers for the hard stuff (we do not have a license to sell hard liquor).